November 3, 2018 Canvass in Tracy

In the North San Joaquin Valley 253,199 ballots have been mailed to voters, but only 55,948 have been returned and in the City of Tracy we know that 29,899 ballots were mailed out but only 5,833 have been returned. Our goal for GOTV is to increase the number of voters who turn out in the name of affordable healthcare, quality jobs, clean drinking water, and to protect refugee immigrants from family separation. 

Schedule: Saturday, November 3, 2018, 10am-3:00pm.

En el Valle Norte de San Joaquín se enviaron 253,199 boletas a los votantes, pero solo se devolvieron 55,948 y en la Ciudad de Tracy sabemos que se enviaron 29,899 boletas, pero solo 5,833 se devolvieron. Nuestro objetivo para GOTV es aumentar el número de votantes que acuden en nombre de una atención médica asequible, empleos de calidad, agua potable limpia y proteger a los refugiados refugiados de la separación familiar.

Horario: sábado 3 de noviembre de 2018, 10 am-3: 00pm.

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Get the Facts About Your Drinking Water

A 2013 report found that over 2.8 million people in the San Joaquin Valley are served by a water system whose source water is impacted by contamination. That translates into over 265,000 people in Stanislaus County, over 80,000 people in San Joaquin County, over 450,000 people in Fresno County, and over 32,000 people in Tulare County who are served by water systems that have violated drinking water standards because of contaminants like Nitrate and Arsenic.

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Join The CNC Stanislaus Team! $15 per hour / 32 Hours Per Week

Did you know 68% of voters in Congressional District 10 will receive their ballots between October 8th and October 12th? Did you know of the nearly 100,000 Latino voters in the district only 26,000 are projected to be likely voters? Join the CNC Stanislaus Team and Get Out The Vote! 

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Can Rural California Survive Trump's Tariffs?

Trump is playing a dangerous game with California jobs, especially in our rural areas. He touts an unequal playing field for the United State's manufacturers and farmers as the reason for his restrictionist trade agenda, but seems ready to dig those very American manufacturing and agricultural workers into a financial abyss. Not only is he targeting long standing agreements with allies, he is ignoring the pleas of industry leaders directly feeling the impact, to stop the trade war madness.

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Post-Primary Election Update

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Updated Bottom Lines

CA-10: Jeff Denham (R) - Central Valley: Modesto, Tracy
Toss Up. Denham's support for immigration reform has allowed him to continue winning reelection in this moderate, diverse Modesto seat that Hillary Clinton won by three points. But his advocacy of a discharge petition to force a House vote on a compromise bill may have driven conservatives into the arms of pro-Trump, pro-wall Turlock Councilman Ted Howze, who nearly "shut out" a crowded Democratic field on Tuesday.

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Under California's rules, all candidates in all 53 districts run on the same primary ballot and the top two finishers, regardless of party, advance to the general election. In a few GOP-held seats, there are so many Democrats running that they risk splitting enough votes to allow two Republicans — and zero Democrats—to advance to November. That would be a nightmare scenario for Democrats in otherwise terrific pickup opportunities.

And whereas some other states' laws allow "sore losers" to run write-in or independent candidacies on the November ballot after losing a primary, there is no such recourse in California for a party that catastrophically gets shut out of the top two.

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December 2017 Civic Engagement Project


Images from Week #1 of CNC's December non-partisan civic engagement project. Team members are speaking with voters in Fresno, Kings, Tulare and Kern Counties about the issues impacting their families the most. Voters are stating the current proposed tax plan is a major concern. In addition to issues related to jobs and the economy, healthcare, and water. 

Victory! Fresno OK's deal to relocate meat-rendering plant out of a southwest neighborhood


A deal to relocate a meat-rendering plant out of a southwest Fresno neighborhood was unanimously approved Thursday evening by the Fresno City Council, providing a victory for neighbors who for years have complained about odors.

The council approved a development agreement with Darling Ingredients, which runs the operation on Belgravia Avenue, as well as planning and zoning changes for the company to build a new plant about three miles west near Fresno’s wastewater treatment plant.

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Fresno Residents File Lawsuit Over 40 Year Old Odor

“The city has a legal obligation to enforce laws that make Fresno a safe and healthy place for all its residents, no matter their income level, race, or the neighborhood where they live. West Fresno residents will seek to enforce that duty," says Phoebe Seaton of California Rural Legal Assistance, who is representing the CCWF.
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Five Victories By The California Immigrant Rights Movement

There’s no doubt immigration reform has a long way to go to ensure family reunification and a path to citizenship for the undocumented community. We must continue to fight for a federal DREAM Act and demand an end to Secure Communitiesand 287(g) programs that allow state and local law enforcement agencies to partner with ICE. I remain hopeful because California had major victories last year that prove just how powerful uniting with dignity as our moral compass can be.

Here are five immigrant rights bills California Governor Jerry Brown signed during his first year in office and what you need to know about them:

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