About Us

CNC is a statewide 501(c)(4) civil and human rights organization committed to achieving public policy that is socially, economically, and environmentally just for California’s families.  CNC‘s chapters cover the Central Coast, San Joaquin Valley, Imperial and Coachella Valley.


CNC is committed to empowering underrepresented communities in California’s Central Coast, San Joaquin Valley and South East Desert.

CNC works to promote economic prosperity, community health, and accessible and accountable government with election and policy campaigns.  

CNC organizes communities around the issues that matter most to them through localized direct education activities, earned media, and training.

CNC’s success is rooted in the three tenants of direct political action: 

  1. Transformation people to become leaders in their community by connecting them with their power to;
  2. Work with their neighbors to make real and tangible improvements for their families, and in the process;
  3. Develop accessible and accountable government with elected and appointed officials.  


Leading Latino and environmental justice advocates formed Communities for a New California in 2010 amid growing frustration in Sacramento and local communities.  We decided we needed to increase civic and electoral participation in order to make real change for families in the rural areas of California. 

Local coalitions of community members formed chapters in four California regions:  the Central Coast, San Joaquin Valley, Coachella Valley and Imperial Valley – to strengthen the voice of underrepresented communities on policy issues relevant to the community including fiscal and tax public policy, immigration rights, environmental justice, worker rights, civil and human rights with the goal of promoting inter-regional collaboration on these key issues.

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